• St. Francis de Sales, Parish Hall (map)
  • 109 Main Street
  • Phoenicia, NY
  • United States

Bring your beloved but broken item to the beautiful Catskills town of Phoenicia and together, with a volunteer Repair Coach, fix it... for FREE!

Mechanical & electrical. Bicycles. Things made of Wood. Jewelry. Clothing & Textiles. Toys. Dolls & Stuffed Animals. Children's Books. Light refreshments too!

Don't throw it away--fix it!  Children are encouraged to come and learn. Parish Field is a great place to have fun in the heart of the Catskills too.

If you want to bring something you're not sure we can repair, please get in touch with us ahead of time.

repaircafe@phoenicialabs.org               845-688-1541


RC- Phoenicia Rt 28.JPG