• Roxbury Arts Center (map)
  • 5025 Vega Mountain Road
  • Roxbury, NY, 12474
  • United States



As you may already have observed, our Catskills Repair Cafes move from town to town throughout Delaware County! We've held them in Hobart and Delhi...and more often than not, in Roxbury.

For the Roxbury event, Jeanne Ellsworth has offered to lend her expertise at mending clothing. Jeff Ditchek and Lou Capella have volunteered to rewire lamps and revamp vacuum cleaners and portable appliances like toaster ovens and electric kettles. 

We will have coffee and cookies for the folks who bring in items to repair. So come & bring a friend! Sit and watch, sit and chat, get to know your neighbors. Learn how to fix things yourself. Most things get fixed, and even when they don't, we have a good time & learn a lot! 

If you want to bring something you're not sure we can repair, please get in touch with us ahead of time. email Kristina Zill (KZ), Coordinator of Transition Catskills at:  kz@transitioncatskills.org 


Catskills Repair Cafes are organized by TRANSITION CATSKILLS

Share Skills. Reduce Waste. Make friends.